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There are countless tarot spreads that have been used for centuries to help with tough decisions.

These spreads can be very complex. If you ask a complex question, don’t be surprised if you get a complex answer. With very big in-depth tarot spreads, you can gain all sorts of insights into the world around you.

Most importantly you can learn about what exists inside yourself. Your heart, your brain, your mind, your soul… they all have a story to tell, and the cards can help them to get those stories out there.

2 three tarot cards on tableBut sometimes, you don’t want a complex and in-depth reading. Sometimes you just need a question answered. It can be a difficult question, or an easy one. If you’re looking for the answer, then the question must be important to you or else you wouldn’t bother. If you have enough of a respect for the cards to ask them the question, they will help you find the answer. When all you need is a yes or no response from the cards, a yes no tarot session will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Warning: You Might Not Always Like The Answer

Don’t ask a question if you aren’t prepared to hear either possible answer. There’s no beating around the bush, when you ask a question tarot will give you the answer, even if it’s not what you were hoping for.

Tarot cards are not here to protect your feelings or to make sure that you’re comfortable. They are a tool to help you find the truth that you’re seeking for, and sometimes that is a hard truth to hear.

If you aren’t prepared to hear a difficult answer, you should not ask the question. Once you’ve asked and learned the response, there is no going back. There is no “undo” button for the tarot cards, so make sure that you’re absolutely ready for the knowledge and insights that you’re about to gain. Hearing the wrong answer can cause some people a lot of stress, but usually it’s just short term stress because knowledge is power. Often times, even when the answer is tough, you’re better off knowing than being left in the dark.

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People have ventured into the world of tarot yes or no answer without being fully prepared for both possible answers, and it can really hurt someone.

With that out of the way, let’s take a more in-depth look at at the ancient art of yes no tarot and how it can potentially help to enrich your life.

Trusting in Yes or No Oracle

There are a lot of things that can lead somebody to want to get a simple yea or no tarot answer when they ask a question. Depending on the spread, this can take away a lot of the reader’s ability to divine from the cards using their experience and knowledge. This is because the cards are giving the direct answer rather than giving insights for the reader to decypher.

You’re almost taking the human element out of the reading. Keep in mind that all tarot readers are still human and they’re susceptible to the same things that everyone else is. They can be bias, they can have their readings influenced by past experiences and their own lives, and they can simply be wrong sometimes, too. The cards, on the other hand, are immune to human error.

4 yes or no

When you do a tarot reading yes or no answers are the easiest to decipher, since it’s literally just a matter of one or the other. This is why some people prefer them, especially if they are stuck with a difficult decision to make.

This isn’t meant to say that the tarot card reader plays an insignificant role in this type of reading because that’s not the case at all. They are still the vessel through which the cards are able to communicate with you.

Please don’t take this as a slight towards tarot readers, there are amazing readers out there. There are also some less-amazing readers who have still got a lot of work to do, and we don’t want to discourage them at all. Everyone is at a different point in their journey, we’re simply trying to highlight some of the advantages of the best yes or no tarot readings that are out there.

Also, please don’t come away from this with the impression that yes no oracle is some simple task, it’s not child’s play. There are different types of spreads to use when you’re just looking to have a question answered without some of the subtlety of traditional tarot spreads. Some of them are five card spreads, let’s take a look at how that works now.

5 Card Spread for Yes/No

One of the most common spreads for a tarot yes no reading is the five card spread. It works fairly simply. You allot five spaces on your desk, table, or other surface to place the cards that will answer the question. Based on how many yes/no cards are revealed, you can determine how strong the answer is.

5 five card yes no spread

Sometimes, you’ll get all yes cards and that means that the tarot cards are very, very confident in a positive answer. Sometimes, you might get 5 no cards, and that means they’re very confident in a negative answer. There are other combinations in between, let’s cover them all briefly:

  • 5 Yes – 0 No: Strongest possible yes.
  • 4 Yes – 1 No: Very strong, but not a certainty.
  • 3 Yes – 2 No: Almost split but still favoring a yes.
  • 2 Yes – 3 No: Almost split, but now favoring a no.
  • 1 Yes – 4 No: Very likely no, but not complete certainly.
  • 0 Yes – 5 No: Strongest possible no.

When to use this kind of spread?

We’ve already discussed briefly that this type of spread is useful when you’re looking for yes or a no answer to a question. That won’t come as a surprise, since it’s in the name. But often times, people will ask how to know when this is the correct type of spread to use.

It’s not just for when you’re looking for something fast and easier, because it’s not always fast and it’s not necessarily easier. There are so many variables. This type of spread isn’t just to grab a quick answer, it can be useful when you’ve already exhausted other options.

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Sometimes, people will do the yes/no tarot spread after they’ve already tried other more in-depth spreads. Sometimes, with a full reading, you aren’t able to really determine what you’re trying to learn. The cards can be confusing, and sometimes they can be unclear.

You may have already meditated deeply on your issue and not been able to come up with a solution. Regular readings may have failed you, or left you even more confused than when you started. You’ve talked to friends, you’ve taken the time to be introspective, you’ve done readings, and you still just aren’t really sure. This is where a yes/no spread can be very helpful. It will allow you to put everything else aside and to ignore that huge jumble of information that’s going on inside of your head.

With a clearer mind, you’ll walk out of the experience with a simple yes or a no answer that you were looking for. Granted, with a 5 card spread you’ll end up with an answer that gives you a certain degree of certainty, and you could still land something in the middle (Either 3 yes and 2 no, or 3 no and 2 yes.)

This just goes to demonstrate that nothing is ever for certain. There’s a kind of beauty in the unknown, and if you’re still unsure even after all of this – perhaps you’re meant to just follow your heart? Sometimes, it’s okay to dip your toes in the water to test it first, and to get inside gradually. Other times, you need to just dive in and see what happens.

Are YES/NO Readings Less Expensive?

This is actually a fairly common question. It’s not a surprise because in this day and age people are very careful about where they spend their money. If you’re looking to have your cards read to find out the answers to some financial questions and if your money situation is going to improve, it can be counterproductive to pay a huge fee to a reader.

7 piggy bank

That’s why people are interested in a much more simple yes no oracle, as opposed to a full complex reading. The answer as to whether or not it’s more affordable is that it really depends. There are people reading cards for $5 in a crowded marketplace somewhere, and there are other people with beautiful sanctuaries who can charge hundreds.

In our experience, we have found that if you’re looking for a free tarot reading yes or no is a good option, since it’s generally viewed as being less time consuming. If somebody is doing free readings in order to grow their list of clients, and they are able to do many more free yes or no tarot readings in the same amount of time.

Yes Or No Questions and Answers

This type of reading needs to be approached differently than a full card spread, but many of the same principles apply.

You can ask anything that is on your mind, from love questions, to money, to other important decisions in your life that require a little extra guidance. Here are some of the most popular examples of questions that get asked frequently in free tarot yes or no readings.

8 Wedding_rings

Should I marry the person I’m dating?”

This is a hugely significant question. Marriage is one of the biggest life-changing events that people will experience. You go in as two people, and you’re united as one. Marrying the wrong person can be one of the biggest mistakes that one can make. You’ll lose out on happiness, a lot of money after the divorce, and most tragically you’ll be missing out on time. Money is one thing, but you can never get time back. Choose carefully!

Should I take this new job offer?”

Changing career paths or leaving behind a job can be a really difficult decision. You spend a lot of your life there working hard so that you’ll have money for the time that you aren’t working. If you don’t enjoy your job, you’re trading time for money but you’re on the losing end of the deal. If the tarot can guide you towards a career that you’ll enjoy more and find more fulfilling, that should be considered a huge victory.

Asking The Right Questions

The quality of the question plays a huge role in your answer. For example, you can ask a yes/no question like “Will I ever fall in love?” and if the Hermit card comes up, that will really take the wind out of your sails. On the other hand, you could ask “Am I doing everything I should be in order to find love?” and you’ll gain some better insights.

Some people try to test the cards by asking things like “Is my favorite flower a lotus yes or no?” If you aren’t sincere in your questions, and if you aren’t phrasing them in a way that allows the cards to truly help you gain insight, you’re just wasting the experience.

You don’t necessarily have to buy yes or no cards

9 the son tarot

There are some decks out there designed specifically for this, but typically it’s just a different type of spread that you can do. Some cards generally signify a yes, some generally signify a no, and there also some “maybe” cards.

So in conclusion, if you’re curious about trying out this spread, you don’t need to run out to the store to find a specific deck – whatever you have will be just fine, simply take a moment to look up which cards represent which answers and you’re well on your way to enlightenment.

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