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In the immortal words of Johnny Cash, “Love is a burning thing.” When it comes to tarot, this isn’t always the case.  Love is like the weather, some days it can be hot and steamy, other days it can be cold and frigid.

Trying to predict it can be a difficult task, and trying to understand it can be even more difficult. To help simplify things, we’re going to be taking a look at the common love cards in a tarot deck. For each one we’ll be assigning a tarot love card meaning in order to help you to understand your daily love tarot.

Why do people use tarot cards to understand love and relationships?

  • It’s something different.
  • It helps to gain a new perspective.
  • It can be fun and interesting at the same time.
  • It can help you realize things that you already knew deep down inside.
  • They believe in the ancient wisdom within the cards.

Not every romantic relationship is going to be with your soul mate, and not every relationship is even going to evolve into something of true romance. The cards can steer you towards great happiness and success in love, and they can also point you in the opposite direction towards pain and heartbreak. Or they could simply inform you that you’re wasting your time with the wrong person.

Learning From the Cards

queen of swords spread

They can teach you where you should be focusing your time and energy. This helps make sure that you aren’t wasting time on something that isn’t going to go anywhere. But also remember this important lesson: As long as you enjoy yourself and learn something new and have a good time, no relationship is a waste of time, even if you don’t end up together forever.


The cards can give you insights into what you can expect, but it’s up to you to get the most out of every experience, which includes the good ones and the bad ones.

Which is the best love tarot?


This is not an easy question to answer, so the best option is to familiarize yourself with various tarot decks which we’ll be discussing in a moment. Also, it’s good to learn the respective cards that make up these decks. Before we begin, please keep in mind that when we’re discussing love tarot spreads, it’s not just a matter of romantic love or finding a soulmate. Love comes in many forms so think of the one that is relevant to your current situation in life.

People are often looking for yes or no answers to important life choices, but it’s not always that easy. It’s essential that you understand the cards and their deeper meanings and how they relate to one another before you make any big decisions.

The Love Tarot compared to The Tarot of Love

About The Tarot of Love deck:

tarot of love

Let’s look at some of the most popular decks for love readings. The Tarot of Love was created by Wulfing von Rohr and Gayan Winter in 1989. They also made a book of the same title that was released the following year. This deck contains 79 cards (23 of them are major, 56 of these cards are minor.) The purpose of this deck is to help people focus on love and relationships in their life.

Not all of the major arcana cards are traditional, however. There are some new cards in the mix, such as the Entanglement and Companionship cards. The beautiful art on these cards was created by Marcia Perry, and does a great job of capturing the imagery that each card represents.

About Love Tarot Deck: (Similar name, very different decks!)

mystic deck

Love Tarot, on the other hand, is a much smaller deck created by Nancy Tolford in 1995. It only consists of 22 cards, and covers the major arcana. Love Tarot is also very similar to the Lover’s Tarot, which was released in 1992 by Jane Lyle.

Which is the best love tarot to follow? That is a very difficult question and perhaps you’re the only person who can answer that for yourself.

All of the aforementioned decks are well-regarded, with the first one being the most robust and the other two being more similar to one another with considerably less cards. Each of these decks includes an instruction booklet which explains the love relationship spreads, the various cards, and their meanings.

The smaller decks will be easier for beginners to grasp, but they may offer less potential insights (Since they contain less cards.)

The 3-Card Reading for Love

king and cups tarot

With a three-card love reading, it’s very significant where a card lands. These descriptions of cards should just be treated as an outline or a bit of a crash course, not as the be-all-end-all. Whether a card lands in:

  1. The past position,
  2. The present position,
  3. or The future position…

… will also play a vital role in what the tarot is trying to reveal to you about yourself, your life, and your situation.

To help you make accurate love predictions, let’s take a look at some of the individual cards that are used for love tarot readings.

Common Love Card Meanings

The Strength Tarot: Over time, there have been some different interpretations of the strength tarot card meaning, and some would say it may even change over time as our world changes.  This is a potentially controversial statement, depending on the beliefs of who you’re talking to.

strength card

For our purposes, let’s go with the most widely accepted meanings. This major arcana card was originally called Fortitude, but it has also been known as Lust in the Thoth deck. It is generally illustrated as a woman with a lion in modern decks, numbered either XI or VIII.

This card doesn’t simply represent pure physical strength, which we can determine because of the image of a woman and a lion. The women is taming, or subduing the lion, who is – of course – a much more powerful creature if we’re talking about physical strength alone.

The Death Tarot: People who aren’t familiar with tarot in general, or who are just beginning their spiritual journey of heightened awareness, often misunderstand the death card meaning. It’s not a matter of, “Oh, you got the death card, now you’re going to die right away.”

death tarot card

That’s not what the death card means at all. The card shows a skeleton (The physical part of us that survives after death) in armor (Showing that he’s invincible) riding a white horse (which represents ultimate purity.)

This card shows that death itself is the ultimate purifier, and nobody is able to escape it. It represents an inevitable and unavoidable change. The death card is nothing to be afraid of, it fact is can be one of the most positive cards. Inexperienced people will take this card as a warning sign that they’re going to die soon, but as we’ve discussed – the actual meaning isn’t that literal at all.

The Chariot Tarot: This card is all about achieving success through self-belief and confidence. It represents conquering the challenges that stand in your way. This card means victory in your conquests. It means control.

the chariot card

The standard image for this card is the astrological sign Cancer. We observe a man in control of a chariot with two sphinxes, one is white and one is black. He doesn’t have any reigns, however. He is holding a wand. He doesn’t need reigns to tame and conquer the sphinxes.

The chariot can also represent movement, in other words a relationship that’s not going to stand still, either by choice or by design. Things need to move forward in the relationship when this card is present, as one or both partners may not be open to stagnation.

The Emperor Tarot: Words that define the emperor are fathering, authority, structure and regulating. He represents setting the direction for a family, protecting and defending the family, the role of leadership, and maintaining order.

the emperor tarot card

This card is like the masculine side of the Empress card, opting for power and masculine authority rather than the sensuality observed in the Empress. The Emperor together with The Empress in the context of love can represent the masculinity and femininity in a relationship. He sits solemnly on his throne, holding an orb in one hand and an ankh in the other. He represents his Kingdom.

However, when the emperor card is reversed, it may point to an abuse of power, or authority that has gotten to one’s head, in other words a power trip. A reversed emperor can mean that you should rebel against authority, or at least make your voice heard rather than just rolling over, depending on the type of situation you’re dealing with. This card can represent a father type of figure, an older man who is protective but also kind.

The Justice Tarot: When this card appears, you probably already know what you’ve got to do, even if it’s subconscious. When you’re faced with a tough decision but you know that one answer involves doing the right thing, and the other option involves taking the easy way out, that is often when Lady Justice will present herself in your spread.

The card doesn’t necessarily point you towards which decision you should make, it simply informs you about the existence of such a decision. This is where your own intuition can come into play to help out. The position of the card and its proximity to other cards plays a key role, as well.

justice tarot card

When you’re reading the justice tarot love is often what this card is referring to, although not necessarily. Relationships, in one form or another, are a huge part of human life – so it’s only natural that many of the main cards are frequently associated with love. This dates back to Latin love tarot and carrying on through history.

The Temperance Tarot Meaning Love: This card represents balance, and in this case that means balance in the context of love. Love can be balanced or unbalanced in many ways, including when both people involved in the relationship don’t have the same level of commitment to one another.

Free vs Paid Readings?


These are not the only cards that may appear in a paid or free tarot love card reading. On that note, some people have been asking how a professionally done paid tarot session compares to the best free tarot love card readers out there.

There’s really no right or wrong answer, because every practitioner varies both in skill and in his or her rates.

Why do people offer free readings?

There are numerous reasons for somebody to offer you a free reading, such as:

  • It’s a free trial, and they’re hoping you’ll become a client of theirs.
  • They’re a friend or a family member doing it as a favor to you.
  • They are inexperienced and not ready to charge yet, but still need to practise.
  • They simply like to do free readings from time to time…

The point is, don’t discount a free reading just because it is free, but also don’t put extra stock in a paid reading just because it’s more expensive.


There are other cards that are significant to a love reading, but we will be taking a look at the rest of those within other articles. However, before we wrap things up, let’s take this final moment to go over some of the more significant cards that we haven’t talked about yet.

The Sun Tarot love meaning can represent warmth, either emotionally or an actual warm climate. It represents power, but not in a dominating way. It’s like power but also with freedom. In a relationship, the sun card can mean liberation, or secrets being revealed (Like having the light of the sun shone on them.)

sun tarot card

The Star Tarot love significance is that it could represent a great time to meet somebody new, so if you’re looking for love then this card is your ace in the hole, it means that it’s time to get outside of your shell and open up your heart to finding new love.  If you’re already attached, this card can mean that it is time for your relationship to soar in the sky and to reach all new levels.

the star tarot card

Hopefully you have found some useful information here. Remember, different readers may interpret things differently, and the same goes for different websites. Nothing is necessarily written in stone, so be flexible in your mind and in your heart as you explore the many kinds of love.

In Conclusion…

When you open yourself up, you can get hurt sometimes, but this is an essential part of the journey that we all experience at one time or another. If you’d like to learn more, and to go more in-depth, please take some time to peruse the rest of this website.

When we open our hearts and minds to the teachings of the Tarot, we are opening ourselves to ancient wisdom and seeing the world in a different light.

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  1. Hi Jean,
    I am in love with a man who just wants to be friends .. but I sometimes get the feeling he really does want to be a couple .. is he my soulmate ? I try to forget about him but my intuition keeps telling me not to give up on him .. his name is Niclas ..can you tell me if he really does love me and will we ever be together ?

    Thank you ..xxoo.

  2. Hello – I have been seeing a man for 8 months and we are intimate. He has been single for 21 years and I have been widowed for 2 years. I was hoping to find out if I am wasting my time – I am 59 and he is 66 years of age. The three card draw for love I got was Strength, The Star, The Emperor. He is very different and intellectual. Some days I feel like he is distant and other times like we have known each other forever. Any insight is appreciated. I was recently contacted by my high school sweetheart of over 40 years ago and saw him at a reunion for a few minutes but he did not spend any time with me before I had to leave. I have had two long term relationships each of 20 years duration. The last one was a life companion and the first was my husband and father of my 3 children and it was just superficial – young enfatuated with good looks and charisma. Thank you!

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