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Jean Pierre Tarot photoMy name is Jean Pierre Ferland and I am a specialist Tarot Card Reader. I live in Livonia, MI which is nice looking, large suburb connected to the metropolitan area. My passion is to teach people how to read and discover the true ways of Tarot Cards.

My Journey Started back in 2004, when my life was difficult. I was going through a lot transformations.

To say this simply, I was in doubt about the path my life was going ahead. That path was in terms of my personal, career and relationship aspect of living.

In that period, friend of mine introduced me to his friend who was doing Tarot Reading. In that time I could have not trusted this guy, but anyway we went to his place and he did reading to me.

The moment I looked at the cards something stroked me. I knew there is something true. I wanted to know more on what those pictures and symbols mean.

As soon as the reading finished I asked if there is a chance for me to learn Tarot reading by him teaching me.

I was desperate to change my life for better and I was also short on cash, and was thinking that if I could learn this I might help myself. By knowing how to read the cards I can save that money for food and house expenses.

Damn! I was such a fool back then!

Anyway, back to the story, he did teach me the basics of the cards and I bought some books and did a lot of reading online. I did spend weeks and weeks in learning this. I came across fields like Astrology and Numerology but i was eager to learn!

During this process of self-awareness things started to change in my life. The positive way.
My faith came back. Faith that I was good person and I deserve good thing in my life.

Here I was, Me, Professional Tarot Card Reader
Somewhere in the middle of this learning, I found out that i could not read the cards for me. This was not the case for my friends and people at work. I was able to read their cards just awesome and they were so happy with the exactness of the readings.

That was the moment when i realized that i am good at this and started reading tarot cards professionally. Although i took 2-3 years for me to be able to read the cards for my self.

I started teaching students to learn Tarot reading and started blogging for other Tarot related blogs, as well started my own blog.

Tarot-Cards 2

I my everyday living i work with my Tarot deck of 78 cards which are my best friends. My cards are always true to me and loyal and can not imagine living without them.

I am very much curious and quite definitely interested in improving mine and other people lives. Many things are yet to be explored but every single day I learn from the cards more truths. More i learn more opportunities rise up and world openes to me. Very adventurous and exciting times for me.

With this blog my intention is to make a corner where i can reach you and you to connect with me. Lets share experiences and walk this journey together with all Tarot readers around the world!

If you would like to connect please go to my Contact form of Facebook and Twitter.

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