The Tarot Card Reading Guide | Why Do They Work?


It takes a combination of intuition and knowledge when it comes to learning how to read tarot cards. Known as Trionfi, the tarot is a pack of playing cards, usually is 78 in number that is used in various parts of Europe during the mid-15th century.

Today, there have been a lot of variations in using this deck of cards. Nowadays, it is used by tarot readers to offer guidance and insight for those who seek something to aid their inner self. There are lots of tarot card reading online that offers love tarot reading that will give persons who seek for love some guidance with regards with their love life.

This new age tarot not only offer these things but there are also online tarot available that provide tarot card readings and daily tarot which enables a person to reflect on his self and make some actions that will guide him through his intended life.

This article will give you information on how to read tarot cards, so that you will be able to avail yourself with insights and guidance for a better life. We will provide you with all the information about tarot card reading, tarot spreads, and love tarot. Just follow the guidelines below.

First thing first: Be acquainted with the Tarot

Getting familiar with the tarot is the first thing you need to remember. It is the most basic thing that one should do in to get started in reading tarot cards reading. Choose a deck of cards for your tarot readings.

Remember that every tarot deck offers different kinds of symbol. Rider-Waite Tarot is one of the most common used deck of tarot, and has the same features as with Morgan-Greer Tarot.

With all of these kinds of tarot available, and there are different positive and negative reviews about each deck of tarot, it is still recommended that you choose the deck of cards that suit and defines who you really are.

DruidCraft Tarot, Ridere-Waite Tarot, Shadowcapes Tarot, Deviant Moon Tarot, and Aleister Crowley Thoth Tarot are considered to be the five tarot decks of all time. There are lots of online tarot reading available on the web but when you want to have it your own, remember to get acquainted with the tarot first.

Relax and be comfortable.

Making yourself comfortable with reading the tarot card will make you a better reader. The trick is to make your mind free from all distractions so that you can focus on your own intuition. Do not think of any problems and worry in your life. Practice making your mind clear and empty.

Define what you really want to accomplish in Tarot Reading.

Tarot-Cards 2

A great tarot reader surely would have to develop a mission statement in your mind to make yourself at ease when it comes to studying tarot card meanings. Defining and having a vision of your desired path, you will be able to grasp and look at your current status and be able to decide what steps you are going to make to arrive at such path.

Reflect yourself on what you really want to achieve using Tarot cards and how you want to use it to guide others. Doing such will enable you to enhance your intuitive skills and develop a great sense of creativity plus you will be more connected with you spiritual self. You should also trust your intuition to read a card.

Consider you and the deck as one.

Handle the cards and be familiar with it. Treat it as something that you want to be acquainted with. Regularly shuffling your cards, and practicing it every day will make help you more with your tarot spreads. Also, it is a good thing to understand how these decks of card works.

The tarot deck contains 78 cards: where 22 of it is the major arcana and 56 of which is the minor arcana. Learning and being able to remember each card will give you a greater view of each card. The major arcana are tarot archetypes that signify the stages and experience in life that you will encounter.

It represents the story of one’s journey in life from being young and pure energy in spirit form, which we refer to as The Fool, moving through cycles and events of life and completing the journey of the cycle of life, which we refer to as The World. The minor arcana, on the other hand, present the minor card that defines the people, feelings, events, and challenges that we face in the early stages of our life. It indicates how one is capable of doing something because these events are within his extent of control.

Tarot-Cards 3

It is composed of four suits, with each of these suits associated with the elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. In addition to the pages or princesses, there are also the queen, king, and knight. Though memorizing all of these 78 cards is difficult, with every day practice and working on it will eventually get one to be acquainted with it.

You need some additional guide, so go get a book.

Having a book that will guide you to getting better when it comes to learning tarot card meaning is really not the worst idea in the world. As a matter of fact, any person who is starting to learn tarot reading consider reading from different kind of sources.

Remember to purchase a well-written book because it will guide and help you with understanding the basic concept of tarot. It will certainly aid you in getting started with reading tarot cards, but do not really rely on the information on the book.

Tarot-Cards 4

The books will just keep you on track but the knowledge will really come and be enhanced when practiced. There are also tarot online available and combining these two would make you a better reader. Try looking at each card and think what it really means. Decide what you think the card means and confirm the meaning with the book.

Repeat these steps and soon you will find yourself getting really acquainted with the meanings of each card.

Get along with the basics: Practice

Try doing some drills when reading. Remember to keep this in mind: get familiar with you deck. It is a thing that is repeated over and over again in this article because it is simply just the basic thing you need to remember.

Tarot-Cards 5Doing some drills will get you acquainted with the tarot deck. You can do this every day to enhance your tarot reading skills. First, pick a card and just try to define it using your intuitive skills. Write down your definition on the first column in a journal book. Secondly, look up the meaning of the card in the book.

Lastly, compare these definitions and add your comments on the third column of the journal. Making it a habit during the first task in the morning will improve your skills. Pick a card first thing in the morning and try to spend some time looking at it.

Focus yourself in what the card defines through the symbols, colors, actions and other things that could be found on the card. Reflect on what you feel when you see the card you pick. Then again, refer to your book and repeat the above process.

View it as a sort of pattern in your mind.

Tarot-Cards 4

There are persons who are capable of memorizing lots of things in just a small span of time. The secret as they have revealed is to incorporate the things you need to memorize into your mind as some kind of pattern. Some would also view it as something like just entering into a room with these things present.

You can also do this on your tarot card reading. A great help would be to study combinations. Remember each pattern and incorporate these things in your mind or whatever method you want to use.

Practice, practice, practice

Try doing it with a friend to enhance your reading skills by narrating. Remember that reading a tarot would be effective if you narrate it. Have a friend visit your home and let that friend be the Seeker. Highlight the past events, then understand the present experiences and try to predict what will be the future outcome.

Remember that when you speak about the future, the events that you will narrate is not the definite outcome. You are just stating the probable thing that will happen.
Get acquainted with spreads. A layout of your cards is referred to as a “spread.” Remember that a tarot spread is your pattern or configuration of the cards. It is some sort of making your individual preference on how you want your cards to be arranged.

Tarot-Cards 8This way, you can be more familiar with your deck of cards and thus can provide a better insight for the seeker. You can arrange your cards by color, by specific circumstances, internal feelings, and other patterns that will be most comfortable to you.

Looking up with different sources on how to make spreads is a good idea, and there are lots of expert tarot readers who have come up with their own version of the spread. You can also have a spread of goddess tarot.

Experimenting with a different set of spreads will enhance your imagination and intuition. It really depends on your preferred configuration. The important thing is, you are comfortable with such configuration and you can give great advice for seekers.

A three-card spread is your basic configuration.

For divining answers to basic questions, a three card spread is a great configuration. This is also a great pattern especially those who are just new in reading tarot. Some basic arrangement may include patterns on one’s situation.

It can be arranged from past, present and then the future. When doing tarot live, you can also have it arranged from one’s current situation, challenges, and possible advice. For understanding relationships, you can also have it arranged from the first person, then the partner, and lastly the relationship itself.

Opportunities, challenges, and possible outcomes, could be a great arrangement when it comes to reading relationships. There is a lot of arrangement you can do. Getting acquainted with it is just one thing you need to understand to provide a good advice.

Take care of your tarot card.

Properly storing of your tarot card should be one thing you should consider. These decks of cards could amazingly pick up some negative vibes when not stored properly and this could affect and interfere with your reading.Tarot-Cards 7

A recommended method would be to store the tarot cards in a wooden tarot card box or a lined bag. Adding some gemstones or herbs in the box would enhance your psychic abilities.
The person who can touch your cards depend on you. You can have the cards touched by the seeker or not allow them to touch the cards.

Although some of the tarot readers encourage seekers to touch the cards as it is a sort of transferring the seeker’s energy to the card and will enable the reader to give a better intuition. Also, some readers would prefer to have their energy on card itself and not interfered with other’s energy.

Cleanse your deck to get rid of negative energy.

Tarot-Cards 6There are many ways of doing it but, calling one of the four elements is considered a one simple way. For starters, begin by fanning the deck to drive away the negative energies. You can also do variations with each kind of element.

For earth, you can bury the protected deck in sand, dirt, or salt for at least 24 hours. Sprinkling your cards with light water, or herbal tea would be great for element water. Expose the deck to direct sunlight or you can also pass the deck quickly on a candle flame for the element of fire.

For element of air, you can take a deep breath and breathe slowly and deeply into your deck for three times.

Reading a tarot card surely is difficult at first but with constant practice and studying, soon you will be able to get familiar with tarot reading.

When you are really passionate about reading a person’s life and seeking to give advice using tarot card reading, doing it constantly will eventually make you a great tarot card reader.

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